Ticket: eMeLeK Afro Souls Sounds 2019/01/19


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SAT / JAN 19 @ 8:00 PM

Concert:  Afro Souls Sounds

THABISA and Trio

$15 Online / $20 Door

Thabisa’s career took a turn when she entered Idols SA (South Africa) 2012 and finished in the Top 18. The following year 2013, she signed with an independent label and produced two albums, Eyodidi (2015) and The Journey(2013.) Arriving in New Haven, CT 2016, she immediately jumped onto the scene. Thabisa is horning her skill of writing songs both in English and Xhosa which is her native language but not only that, she has included lyrics written in Venda (one of South African many languages) in her latest album and since coming to America is slowly figuring how to merge the Spanish language and sounds in her music. Although not there yet, she truly believes what Neldon Mandela said “ If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart’. Thabisa has managed to find talented musicians that not only share their love for music but truly believe in her journey and support her in every way they can to ensure her dream is realized. This live wire with her sultry and electrifying voice will surely leave you wanting more.

Currently she is working on her third album, writing and going through the ups and down of emotions that cone with writing. She hopes by August/September next year 2019 she would be dine with the production and ready to share her 3rd offering. “I am not in a rush, with my 3rd album I hope to speak with my fans from heart to heart. It’s resslly hard to search deep and share yourself that way but it’s necessary and healing” says Thabisa about her next album.