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“The Perfect Man” …it’s just an illusion
This ticket standard and good for admission to the show.

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Two men meet to plot a perfect scheme to achieve their perfect dream: Johnny, who lives by the clock (literally) and Tony, who lives by his instincts (always).
Both men want the same dream. They want the perfect life. They want freedom from financial woes. They want freedom to be with their families. They want freedom from conflict.
But conflict does arise while they devise their game-plan. Life and relationships are never perfect. Tony’ free wheeling soul is distracted by a baseball game. Johnny’s rigorousness is frustrated by constant interruptions. The men argue about the path they need to take in order to carry off a life of self –determination.They begin to see each other differently. And life.
Do they finalize their plans? Do they attain their perfect dream? Does anyone?
****** In English with Spanish Subtitles ******

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May 17th 8:00 PM, May 18th 8:00 PM, May 19th 3:00 PM, May 19th 8:00 PM, May 20th 2:00 PM, May 20th 7:00 PM